2 Loyalty

all we do is win



the daily prophet (well di naman xa talaga daily)

demerits of stephen

we all know that sir dennis dumrique had given us a task

the English speaking task!!!!

demerits shall be given to anyone who will be caught speaking TAGALOG when sir dennis is nearby

well well well

we have the right to tell sir dennis about the rule breakers. and their group shall be given a demerit...


of all the groups emeralds group (the second group!!!) garnered the most number of demerits most of them from stepehen gibo!!!


during the powerpoint presentation of group 5 he said a lot of tagalog words

and the nearby people didint hesitated to tell sir dennis!!!!

oh it is very cool!!! "nde lamang tagalog, tagalog bad words pa!"


tawanan naman ang mga tao....

kase naman e masyadong oa mag react c stephen. yan tuloy parang kakainin xa ni mabel...

btw nakakatakot ung "babaeng" yun. maganda pa naman kaso nakakaduda!!!

yun naka pitong demerit tuloy cla


btw again congrats po sa group 3 dahil kayo po ang aming representatives...


ghe till nxt time

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