2 Loyalty

all we do is win



the daily prophet (well di naman xa talaga daily)

edniel's story

1. the van of the niserios


well when they are riding the van of the niserios....

two people joined in. edniel noticed that the van was moving really slow without heavy traffic

when toot finally reached her destination and got down.... the car felt different

when the GAS was stepped on the car zoomed like a ferrari!!!!


the birthmark of AXL PINEDA


when edniel and axl were together... they were waiting for a jeep


all jeeps are full of pepol

as in piFULL

so they waited and waited until edniel decided to let go and let axl go first... axl rode on a eep with only one vacancy


after a few seconds a new jeep arrived with only two people and the driver


ang luwag swerte ni edniel... relaxing trip

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