2 Loyalty

all we do is win



the daily prophet (well di naman xa talaga daily)


may pina gawa sa english!!!! a something about bullies and bullying


group one presented a report on a cute cartolina!!!!

then presented it as a skit later on

timothy a bully? ewww he is so feeling mayaman...  na bug bog daw nya si dominador carta... so unrealistic

buti pa sa group two si juvan ecom mas mukang bully... minus the Y


GROUP THREE presented the most interactive


they reported using pictures which is unique and let us throw paper at bote


lakas trip naman o!!! group four presented a skit where alecz did everything but id still defeated by mr  tomato..



well sa group five impersonations nanaman ni lorenz fernanado kay sir jay-r


patok parin kahit luma na.... kaso si maam tahil....


no comment on the impersonator

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